About us

About us

Our motto – Reliable translations in time.

Welcome to our website. We hope that you will be satisfied with the services we provide and you will become the partners of our translation agency.

We have been carrying out our activity successfully for nineteen years already. From the very first days of our work we have firmly believed that only purposeful and mutual cooperation and understanding between the client and our team can open the door to the long-term partnership. Our team strives for the set goals with a single heart, thus, we can be proud of the works done and the clients satisfied.

Our goal is to provide high quality translation services. In order to reach this goal we have built a team of professional translators. All the translators who cooperate with our translation agency have a degree in philological education and at least three years of experience in translating. The translators specialize in translation of texts and documents of various nature and complexity. In order for the translation to meet the client’s expectations, it is very important to ensure mutual cooperation. We always try to pay attention to the requirements set by the clients, use the information they provide and analyze their remarks.

We are proud of our translators, who have been contributing to the success of our business with their hard work, continuous improvement in their field and their devotion to the beloved language from the very first years of our activity. Thanks to them many of our clients have remained loyal to our company.

Our motto – Reliable translations in time. We value both your and our time, thus we try to do translations in line with the agreed deadline.

Professional translations in time – a prerequisite of international success / Do you want to sail into international waters? Entrust your translations to translation agency Verticia! / Professional translations for efficient communication.

Are you heading a business or are responsible for communication with foreign partners? Do you travel a lot not only for work, but also for private purposes, or maybe seeking to expand your creative or scientific work or organise international conferences? The main communication tool for successful operations abroad is language. It is important to be able not only to understand each other, but to convey the essence and specific information in different foreign languages, leaving no place for assumption and misunderstanding.

Accurate and top quality translation is a reliable way to establish sustainable relationship.

Do you need translation of personal or business documents, proposals or theses into several languages, but have no time to look for different translators and negotiate conditions with each of them separately? You don’t know how to verify their competence? Do you doubt your own foreign language skills or those of your colleagues, or maybe you simply run out of time as your business is expanding along with the volumes of work? Chose translation agency Verticia and you won’t have to bend over backwards, work overtime, worry about mistakes left in a hurry, regret inefficiently spent funds and stress over rendering low quality services.

You need a non-standard interpretation or translation and rare language combinations, and you are worried about the difficulties finding the team of translators, who will fulfil all requests and conform to exceptional requirements? The reliable translation agency will offer a team of professional translators, deliver translations in time and coordinate the specific terms characteristic for your business. Save money and time. Contact our agency.

Proper translations partner is a long-term contribution to business success.

Internet search will yield a long list of translation agencies. Which one to choose? We suggest you read the customer reviews and find out something about the experience and market image of the agency offering translation services.

Translation agency Verticia has a reputation of a reliable and particularly punctual partner.

The agency operating for more than ten years has gathered a team of professionals and is proud of the continuously growing circle of loyal clients. All translators possess philological education, at least three years of experience and continue improving their qualification. Seeking to offer the highest quality of the services, we focus special attention on getting to know the clients’ needs and mutually beneficial cooperation.

We value time, yours and ours, therefore we deliver work as agreed.

Verticia’s primary strengths allow to guarantee top quality of services:

  • wide choice of languages and translation combinations. We can find solutions in the most unexpected situations;
  • individual attention to every client and client’s needs;
  • confidentiality;
  • professional and experienced team of translators specialising in various fields;
  • prompt response to urgent orders;
  • possibility for long-term partners to monitor the progress of work;
  • reliable text editing team, which reviews each translation into Lithuanian;
  • translations archive and a possibility to receive a copy of the translation at any time

Services offered by Verticia:

  1. Translation: translations of standard and official documents; notary certification and legalisation. We offer high quality translations in the fields requiring specialised knowledge: medical, legal, education, insurance, IT, etc., and literary translations.
  2. Online translation. Our translators provide quick online translation of single phrases, sentences, letters and other short texts.
  3. Interpreting: consecutive (interpretation after the speaker stops speaking); simultaneous (interpretation simultaneously with the speaker); whispered simultaneous interpretation; telephone or conference call interpretation.
  4. Formatting of translations, certified documents scanning.
  5. Notary certification and endorsement by the agency seal. Do you need legalisation with an Apostille stamp? Don’t waste your time, our agency will deliver the required documents to the notary, take care of the Apostille and certification.
  6. Rent of interpretation equipment. We offer:
  • interpreter booths;
  • interpreter microphones;
  • headphones for guests.


Become the long-term client of Verticia now. We guarantee: customized pricing, attractive payment conditions and mutually beneficial cooperation.