Verticia translates into/ from over  45 languages. Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you cannot find the language you need in the table below.

 from/ into Lithuanian
English French Portuguese
Arabic German Romanian
Belorussian Greek Russian
Bosnian Hebraic Serbian
Bulgarian Icelandic Slovak
Czech Italian Slovenian
Chinese Japanese Spanish
Croat Latvian Swedish
Danish Latin Turkish
Dutch Moldavian Ukrainian
Estonian Norwegian Vietnamese
Finnish Polish


The table below shows the main language combinations.

Language combination from/ into
English – Russian English – Latvian Czech – Russian
English – Czech English – Norwegian German – Ukrainian
English – Danish English – Polish Finnish – German
English – Dutch English – Portugues Japanese – Rassian
English – Estonian English – Spanish Polish – Russian
English – Finnish English – Swedish Russian – Chinese
English – French English – Turkish Russian – Latvian
English – German English – Ukrainian Russian – Polish
English- Italian Danish – Dutch Russian – Ukrainian
English – Japanese Czech – Latvian  Sweden – German

Please contact the translation agency Verticia directly for any additional language combination.