CV translation – do it yourself or leave it to the professionals

CV translation – do it yourself or leave it to the professionals

As the globalisation sets in as a daily reality, borders disappear and international business penetrates further and further, a successful carrier can no longer be perceived without the knowledge of foreign languages. The key language is English.


Your CV is a business card revealing your experience, skills and competences. The curriculum vitae in a foreign language reflects its proficiency, and an ability to apply and present your language skills. Thus, CV translation into English is an important step. A person reading your CV, be it a personnel recruitment specialist, potential employer, business partner, investor, educational institutions or maybe a representative of a business or art assistance fund, will carefully analyse each word, while the smallest mistake could be decisive factor for going with another candidate.


Sometimes translation of a CV into English may be required not only when applying for a top position in a global corporation or for studies abroad, but also when looking for a job in Lithuania. It is not only the large companies that wish to check your knowledge of the English language, but also new enterprises planning expansion of their business, cooperating with foreign partners or simply looking for a new employee, who would be able to enhance his or her competences by reading job-related literature in languages other than their mother tongue alone. The condition to provide the CV in English is the first chance to accomplish that.


For experienced translators – translation of CVs into English is a daily task. Entrusting your CV to the professionals will secure a high quality result and a maximum chance to make a good first impression on a company or organisation you wish to be introduced to.


If you do not trust your own skills, rarely write in English or have not been using it for your occupational activities for some time, a professional translation will spare you from worrying about any spelling or grammatical mistakes and accuracy of terminology used, while you will be able to relax and prepare for the coming interview.