New year of the Rooster brings new projects

New year of the Rooster brings new projects

As the new year of the Fire Rooster unfolds, we are happy to present the new projects at Verticia translation agency. We are glad that our long-term partners trust our team, and continue cooperation and implementation of new projects. Let us first introduce a project in the Swedish language.

We have welcomed this year in a company of the Scandinavian languages. Our partner of 8 years entrusted us a large project for translation from Lithuanian and English into Swedish. The documents are texts of technical specialisation. We will be translating all equipment documentation, installation and operation manuals, description of operational functions of equipment, specifications of separate devices, etc. The following stages are crucial in the translation process of this type of documents:

  • Selection of a suitable translator. The translator must be qualified and experienced in technical translations.
  • We also assign native editors to review the translated documents. It is difficult to find native speakers who would be able to translate directly from Lithuanian to Swedish. Therefore, we cooperate with native translators who work with the Swedish as their target language. A native editor/translator will review and proofread the text to ensure it’s appropriateness for the Swedish market.
  • Approval of terminology by local consultants. At this stage it is important to maintain close cooperation with the client. The client must also be interested in providing assistance in order to ensure high quality of the delivered translation. We are lucky, because the majority of our clients understand that translators are people, not robots. The best result is achieved over a certain time and with devotion of utmost efforts. When the clients make it possible to discuss terminology with native consultants, the work becomes much easier. We are grateful that our representatives of the Swedish language consultants are willing to cooperate.

Planning and coordination of the key actions produce excellent translation.

The main condition of the clients is, of course, a lightning fast delivery time, which the translation agencies are not always enthusiastic about. In our country, probably like everywhere else, business and life move at a speed of light. Various international competitions, conclusion of new business contracts and other events take place, where participation requires translation of all documents into the state language of a hosting country. Sometimes clients do not take into consideration that the best thing is to send the documents requiring translation to an agency rendering language services in advance. In other cases, the clients find themselves in a situation, where they are unable to provide the documents for translation at an earlier moment. Therefore, first and foremost, it is extremely important to schedule organisation and delivery of translation. We are pleased that we have successfully negotiated the terms of delivery with the client of our Swedish project. Occasionally we have to deal with force majeure circumstances, but who doesn’t?